Research Speed Dating

Join us for Research Speed Dating at IEEE Sensors 2012!

To get to know other SENSORS community researchers better and to initiate technical conversations with people with whom you may not have talked before, IEEE Sensors is hosting will be a “speed-dating” event as part of the 2012 IEEE SENSORS Conference.  This will take place on Sunday, October 28 starting at 4:00 pm in Room 101A/B of TICC, just before the welcome reception.  

Have you got an interesting problem that might benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration?  Do you have a new method or technique that might be good for applications in another field?  Would you like to expand your network of contacts within the IEEE Sensors community?

If so, then please join us for Research Speed Dating. We will match you with several other researchers, and you will have a chance to chat with them in a casual environment.  You will get a chance to describe your work, and to hear what they are doing.  Then you will have several days at IEEE Sensors 2012 to get to know your new contacts better and follow up on ideas that you generate at this event!

1) Register - Must Register by Thursday, October 25th

2) Prepare: Please consider preparing BRIEF materials in advance that provide an overview of your research.  I have attached a template for mini-posters to provide an overview of your research.  These will be 8.5x11 sheets that you will print out in advance and bring with you.  You can make and print several of these if you have several major research topics.  We will provide tables but there will be no space for large format posters. (Previously printed posters on specific research areas (e.g. made for conferences) are generally not suitable.  Previously-prepared research overview materials are OK.) 

3) Meet: We will assign each participant 5 “speed dates," giving you the list when you arrive at the event.  There will also be 10 minutes of totally free time (in which you can talk to anyone you missed earlier).  

Start 4:00 pm
15 minutes      Introduction and Logistics
10 minutes      Date 1 
10 minutes      Date 2 
10 minutes      Date 3
10 minutes      Date 4 
10 minutes      Date 5 
10 minutes      Free choice
15 minutes      Wrap-up discussion 
End ~5:30 pm 

This should be fun.  Space is limited.  Looking forward to seeing you there! 

**This event is sponsored by Women in Circuits and Systems and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society